love in 3-cheese bombshells

sorry it’s taken so long for this blog but my daughter and i have been spending a lazy saturday together. 

we did laundry, she practiced her violin, we read a little pride and prejudice together.  we had eggs and turkey sausage for breakfast.  i did some packing for my trip.  it was my baby’s idea when we were in the grocery store last night that we should make something we had never made before — stuffed shells.  

so while in our pajamas we got to work in the kitchen.  she did most of the hard work by mixing the filling ingredients together and stuffing the shells herself. 

i pretty much umm boiled water and provided guidance.  she made a new name for the recipe (see  the title of this post).  and then she said, “sometimes when you cook and you make a big mess you feel like julia child.”  she is my child.  and she cooks better than julia if you ask me.  she is an amazing recipe titler and thoughtful young person.  we had a ball and her cooking is tasty!   the bombshells get out of the oven any minute.  i gotta go eat!


One Response to “love in 3-cheese bombshells”

  1. That’s a lotta cheese in there ladies. Looks delicious naja!!!!

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