love in 2010

i am sitting here watching a baby.  what an unexpected surprise … and i am watching the movie precious as well.  (i’ll probly write a post about it tomorrow).

God brings random, unexpected, delicious, and strange things in 2010.  and i like that.  it’s my whole theme for 2010.  follow my instincts and try to walk beside the river.  the river is the path of the Lord.

today was like one big surprise.  i didn’t know what the brunch would be like when i got there.  i didn’t know the corn muffins with real corn in them would blend so well with the turkey chili.  or that the ceasar dressing would have such a distinct bite to it.  i didn’t know the cookies would melt in my mouth.  i didn’t know i would meet friends of friends or experience such community.  i didn’t know i would end up staying so long … or that i would babysit when i got home. 

i want all of my 2010 to be like that.  one long day filled with simple yet sweet surprises.  even surprises that taste sour at first … Lord, let them be sweet to my soul … and keep the love coming.   the love in surprising places.


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