love in exposing FELA to the world

i often check a blogsite called the root … it’s come a long way.  it’s pretty much all about black shit.  i.e. things that pertain to black culture and black communities and most of the writers are of color.  some of them you’ve seen at some tavis smiley symposium or cnn ‘being black in america’ bullshit cuz they’s the ‘experts’ on blackness.  they ain’t my experts but i do enjoy reading about my folks from my folks’ perspective.  and i am glad they got more advertising cuz the site is now classier, better organized, and prettier :).  i can’t speak to the quality of the content … the writing is ok … pretty mainstream black-but-not-in-a-bad-way if you ask me.  but they didn’t ask me or i would be writing for them.  which i would do … cuz i like giving the non-mainstream take on mainstream shit.  enough of that.  the point of the story is the root put me on to an exciting new theater show going on now.  (actually they have put me on to a lot of shit which is why i wanted to share their presence with you.)  i love fela kuti and his son, femi.  i love fela’s music and i love his politics.  a black man – i think named jones – did a theater performance about FELA!  the review in the root is cool so check it out if you want to know more about fela being produced for the stage, how to get tickets, where it’s showing, and more details about fela that i don’t feel like going into here.  i am just happy the antibalas band and fela get some (off?) broadway shine. 

there’s a lot of love in kuti.


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