top ten best ways to drive: dedicated to the entire state of Georgia


love disclaimer:  my initial urge was to list the horrible transgressions of GA drivers, to go off on them, to ridicule and debase them, to embarrass them, and to shame them into driving better.  that is so the opposite of love.  so, i thought i would try to take the high road and list, instead, what they could do better.  i thought i’d rather be an example of a shining light, a role model of ideal driving so to speak, rather than just a whiner, complainer, and hater.  sigh.  love is so hard.

(no particular order)

1. signal when changing lanes … yeah throw that blinker on even if you see a clear path next to you … it’s ettitquete, it helps avoid accidents, it sends a clear communication to all drivers

2. accelerate when changing lanes … don’t decrease unless of course, the person in front of you decreases speed …

3. no need to break if you don’t have a good reason … being scared is not a good reason

4. keep driving if you miss your lane, turn, or exit … no need to stop or slow down to 20 miles per hour and force your way into the lane you missed

5. change lanes when you can keep speed with the person coming up next to you/behind you … if you are entering the lane at 12 mph and the person coming behind you is driving 40 mph it may not be the best time to enter the lane

6. look for oncoming traffic before you turn

7. drive fast in the far left lane … 60 is not fast … if the car to your right is faster than you, get over, and get behind them, get out of the far left lane

8. get over to the exit lane if your exit is at least a mile ahead of you … don’t wait till the last minute

9. if someone is cutting in front of you and they have enough room uhh don’t speed up and make life harder … then you’re just being a dick

10. if someone is entering the highway next to you and they have to merge or they will end up in a tree … slow down slightly if you have to and let them in … don’t speed up cuz then you’re still just being a ….

i hope GA drivers really read this!  if i had money i’d buy a billboard on 85 right in the middle of downtown so we can all remember how to drive safely and responsibly.


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