straggles …

sometimes i make up words ok?  i don’t know what straggles means really but it feels like what i’m bout to write.  fragments of thoughts.  like stragglers but not people.

sooooooooo i don’t really have time to write this blog.  i have a lot of work at work but writing blogs and doing things for my personal development make me feel ALIVE.  so i had to drop a note.  i know it’s been a few days and i have all these blogs in my brain that i can’t get into the computer.  the fact that the internet has now disappeared from my home is a major contributing factor.  it’s funny how my internet comes and goes at home … it’s wierd but i have no time to figure it out. instead i must ride it out.  i don’t have money to get it fixed anyway – the bright side!

and then work has been verywork-like.  waking at 5 am to be at schools at 7 am … waking at 6 am to be at work by 8:30 am … working during work for the ENTIRE time 🙂  stuff like that.  so what is this blog about …

i guess the moral is … sometimes, we all have to work.  and if i’m okay then you’re okay.  cuz aint nobody who hates do what she don’t want to do more than ME!   how do i know this?  because i almost gave up on working for the man entirely.  when i was in a depression it was what i grappled with most.  my depression induced brain rejected all notions of meaningless work.  9-5 grinds and just running a rat race.

i don’t look at it like that anymore.  it is a blessing to have work.  the fruit of all my labor i devote to God.  i had to humble myself to truly understand why we work.  i am a small part in a big machine.  and the big machine is not capitalism.  the big machine is not the organization who hired me even.  the big machine is the universe.  and the universe demands that we produce, that we labor, that we act, and that we put one step forward every day.  and do our best because we truly don’t know where it’s leading us.  and if you believe … then you know it’s all for the good. 

we don’t have to know where we are going; we just have to go.  go do some work!


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