just sit down at the table


ok so the sermon was not about hill harper or his new book, ‘the conversation.’  but i left my sermon notes at home and this book is on my mind.  i started reading it in the bookstore saturday.  i am a post-book-signing phenomena.  you know hill harper is bringing the book to a bookstore near you, holding a signing, and all of your homegirls are getting fly and attending the joint to get their book signed by a cutie pie.  i was that bitch who went to the bookstore just to see her girlfriends, never gonna buy the book, and was highly doubtful i would read it. buuuuuut despite the fact that this was the first book signing to have an AFTER-PARTY i support the idea of healthy black relationships.  maybe more book signings should have after-parties … hmm … well i started thumbing thru the book on the humble and got all caught up in it!  so, then i had to ask my girlfriend if i could borrow her autographed copy.  it’s actually interesting!  i’m not into the statistics about failed black relationships … i’m interested in the personal experiences, anecdotes, testimonies, and stories.  i am intrigued about entering a black man’s brain.  a youngish (he is 38 or something), handsome, unmarried black man’s mind.  what yall be THINKIN bout?  and now that i have a glimpse …. i am LAUGHING OUT LOUD.  and laughing with God.  reading this book gives me peace in my heart.  and gives me hope in black men everywhere.  and gives me a huge dose of reality.  and of course, it makes me look at myself and ask (while laughing): am i part of the problem?! 

cop you some  (or borrow you some like i did) … conversation.  it’s time we was all at least at the MF table.


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