uhh part two is really today


i was hella busy at work this week and there was that little spot of rain that atlanta got.  threw me off.

soooo … balance is the blog topic for a minute OR a.k.a. ‘how do we stay standing in the face of evil and tribulation?’

well, pastor went on in the sermon to say balance depends on information received from three different places.  we only gon cover the first one today:

the eyes.

the brain needs a visual to target to focus on that is still and unchanging in order to balance the physical body.  it is the same for the spiritual realm.  if you internally focus on something that is constant and unchanging then you can regain internal balance.  pastor used the example of losing your equilibrium on a boat.  when the boat is rocking and knocking you off balance they advise you to look at the sky because it is constant and unchanging.  when life is rocking and knocking you …. you can still look at the sky because internally you can look at the Lord.  the Lord our God of the Universe is unchanging and constant. 

God never changes his opinion about you no matter how you act.  in fact, God never judges you.  God never leaves you or divorces you.  God never cheats on you.  God always forgives you.  God keeps trying to bless you.  God always wants to talk to you and will always take your calls.  God never outgrows you.  God doesn’t talk about you behind your back.  God always believes you can.  God stays the same in character.  God’s love never changes.


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