got out of bed this morning

the sermon was amazing yesterday.  ridicu-tarded!!  i thought my heart and my brain would explode.  pastor broke it DOWN.  it was about balance.  and at first i’m thinking this is simple.  we all know we need that.  and he started by mentioning some of those things we always hear that we have to balance.  “can’t be all work, work, work.”  and it “can’t be all play, play, play,”  but then he went into other areas … how we can’t have faith without works and vice versa.  how we can’t have the spirit without the word and vice versa (you know that notion — can’t be all ‘feeling’ the holy spirit there has to be inellectual interpretation of the word).   how we can’t have love without law and vice versa.  for love without law he used the example of a parent disciplining a child.  law can be substituted with discipline or boundaries.  when a parent disciplines a child it should be balanced with love.  and love for your child should be balanced with discipline of your child.  he also referenced webster’s:  balance is an instrument for weight, physical equilibrium, the act of bringing into harmony and proportion.  what does this have to do with the Lord you might ask?  it was explained like this:  the Lord will use strength to GET you up but the Lord uses balance to KEEP you up.  in other words, balance is a one-word answer to an eternal question:   how do we stay standing in the face of evil and tribulation? 

i’m going to break this sermon down in parts … mouth-size bites so you can chew on this topic bit by bit.  it’s a doozy!!  part two is tomorrow.


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