monday musings, january 26 2009

1. i served monica (the singer!) at my 2nd job last night. she was GORGEOUS. and sweet! her skin is flawless. i referenced monica in one of the first blogs i wrote … don’t take it personal … cuz her first hit single and my blog were about the same thang … chicken wangs. nah not chicken.

2. third serving job on deck. should be finalized this week … last week i worked several doubles. what is a double for all you 9-5 folk? it’s two shifts combined which can mean a 12-18 hour workday. try three of those in a row. needless to say i was exhausted this weekend and blogging will suffer. cuz until yall pay me for this 🙂 my paying job and my health come first. so in the next few weeks you may see less blogs per week. but the quality might just improve … LOL

3. ooooooh i read a good book in five minutes. it’s like 20 pages … you people know you want to be smarter so start small. it’s called “who moved my cheese?” it’s been around for a minute; you may have heard of it and dismissed it but it’s kinda good. it’s all about how to deal with change … cuz if i know one thing for certain and two things for sure: EVERYTHING changes.

4. i am still in love with my life … despite the struggle and the LACK. i used to avoid planning my week out cuz i hated my old jobs and i didn’t want to think about moving forward through life if i was going to have to go back to that same job day in and day out. … and i was frickin immature. but lately i look forward to mondays cuz i plan my week. i write down some small goals i want to accomplish. i list all the bills that remain unpaid just so i can lay them before God and release all my worry to him. i write down folks i have to call and email. i love my life now cuz i love how purposeful i feel. i am my own business. i am my own entity. i feel empowered to make plans regarding my paintings and my writing. i did not like planning when i felt disconnected from its purpose. but these days i feel my life is my own (i am still in the bed writing you at 2:29 in the afternoon ya dig).

5. i love those underworld movies. third one just came out!!!! and soon as i get ten dollars (disposable cash) i am in that theater b*tches. look how i’m trying not to be vulgar by not full-on cursing. my favorite is actor, bill nighy (see pic), who just gives an impeccable performance. the way he says the word “affairs” is … insane.

6. my first job is full of haters. they jacked my schedule up cuz they hate me. they want to break me. they talk about me. they lie on me. they want to see me lose it. they mess with the little money they pay me. they hate me cuz i refuse to hate THEM. i pray for them … no weapon formed against me shall prosper. and since they took all my lunch shifts away maybe i will be blogging. guess you just have to come and visit again …

7. some people have to get better at tipping … just cuz my restaurant is out of the sea bass and the tilapia … and the salmon was undercooked … that’s not the server’s fault! sure, some of you know this … and your pregnant wife still ate all of her lamb chops and loved it and my owner comped your salmon … so a ZERO tip is not acceptable. i don’t COOK the food nuggats (i stole this word from someone but he don’t read this blog so ….) … i just BRING the food. i aint mad cuz some people just aint used to tipping … but i’m in the building now … and i’ma always help you get yo mind RIGHT!



2 Responses to “monday musings, january 26 2009”

  1. As for #7, I do not think its such a bad idea to go up to someone who has not or under tipped you and asked if there was a problem with your service. The other day Alex and I had a business lunch and the guy offered to pick up the tab. Unbeknownst to us, he had left her a 57 cent tip (total 39.43 and he left $40). As we were walking out she asked if there had been a problem with the service and we were shocked because she was great. As she showed us the receipt, hecka change fell out of the receipt book and it was embarassing. Needless to say, we paid her her proper tip plus some.

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