electric lime’s BRIGHTER cousin

img_44012in the blog before last i talked about how busy i was. i was so busy i couldn’t even recall all the things i was busy doing cuz i clearly forgot to mention that me and my daughter embarked on another christmas project. which was painting her room! i had promised her maybe two christmases ago we would decorate her room especially for her. i kept postponing cuz in the last two years we moved about four times since then … we moved to a whole ‘nother state even. i had even bought a canopy to hang over her bed all those years ago and we’ve kept it ever since. all last week we began to prepare my baby’s room for painting. we had to tape the edges of things and ceilings … my daughter picked a color … that is kin to electric lime but a little more yellow and bright. this was a labor of love. my neck ached … my back still hurts … my arms quivered … my daughter was over it after day one … but we had FUN! we learned a lot about painting (like i’m never doing it myself again) and we had wonderful quality time together. i did have a little help from a heaven-sent neighbor who showed up like an angel and made it all come together. you know i had to give you a taste of this citrusy color … if you want to get this same outlandish color for you or your loved ones … it’s called “center stage” at sherwin williams. ask em. 😉

we’re buying her a desk and hanging the canopy next … pics coming soon!


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