my presidential election of barack obama dinner


of course. i went out.

i LOVE to party! lol … nah but for real i wanted to have some wine and good food. and then i helped celebrate someone’s birthday.

i ate like a pig. is what i really wanted to share. and i think it was in honor of black history. wink. i had blackened tilapia with coconut rice and black beans … then i ordered another side of the rice … cuz if i have beans left then they need some rice to go in my stomach with … the beans had a lovely lime citrus note to them! and the coconut rice wasn’t OVER sweet it was soft and just right. the fish was fresh and spicy and crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside … lovely. and when they all came together? party in my mouth.

(i’m just realizing how much BLACK ass food i ate.)

i may have had a bite of my homegirl’s sweet potato fries … and they (the homegirls) may have donated two perfectly cooked sweet plantains to my meal … i may have dipped a knife or fork (or any utensil i could find) in their peach cobbler which was fucking delicious! the crust was just right — flaky and light with almond and vanilla flavors … even the ice cream was fluffy.

i wasn’t done. shit – we president! i ordered some hot wings for my dessert … i just saw them going to other tables and they looked so scrumptious … so i ate me some of those too!

then i was stuffed and my stomach kinda hurt. so we left that cnn screen at the restaurant and went to the birthday/election party. which i was pretty impressed with since it was in the rooftop clubhouse of a condominium and the wine was plentiful and the tv was loud … it was just a great grown up piece of partying.

what does that really mean that he is president  … maybe it’s still surreal to me … that all i can do is keep trying to enjoy life. a close friend left a comment the other day asking what will really happen if barack wins?

she knows that i keep telling her — not much and everything at the same time. what barack represents for me and this is just me … is the power of belief. the power of positivity. the reason why we should all continue to gravitate towards light and love. a lot of the work to be done lies with us. but what barack has done … is helped us to believe … in ourselves collectively and individually … helped us to believe in a new realm of possibilities … and whether you realize it now or not — that’s major homey.  all we do is operate … from our realm of possibilities.

it is mostly about the kids. NOW believing they have the power to change the world and to be … anything .. they want to be. this one is deep.  if my folks really reflect on black children they know or saw grow up (or their own childhood) then they know it all starts here … with the kernel of belief or the lack thereof … my folks KNOW that many of our black people DO NOT BELIEVE they have the power to do any and every thing under the sun or those things yet to be imagined. barack helps.

it’s about turning a chapter … and america finally being ready to say NO to the entire concept of vice president hockey moms …

it’s about HISTORY …

it’s about how God works and how REAL global change happens very, very, very, very, very slowly …

it’s about us. we have to do work as much as obama. if we really want real change.

so while we are all out trying to change our little corner of the earth … keep eating good food, enjoy each day of your life, drink nice wine, be with your loved ones, and practice believing in you, in us … for a change.


One Response to “my presidential election of barack obama dinner”

  1. When I was at my grown-up party…. The first thing I reflected on was Naja. And seeing Bam Bam’s daughters on the stage. What would it be like to grow up and see yourself reflected in the first family? I can’t even imagine what having that as a real experience will mean for our children and the children yet to be born. and the shit is TRUE?!!!

    It also means we don’t have to hear the word MAVERICK for at least another 4 years. that is worth celebrating!

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