margaret and helen: my new new favorite ladies

margaret and helen claim they have been best friends for 60 years and they write the most hilarious blog together. yeah, they could be lying … they could really be two gay men who photoshop pictures of elderly ladies but who cares if their identities are authentic when they write great posts like “if you are undecided you’re not paying attention” ………………………………..

yo … these ladies are a riot! and if you have conservative or republican and/or just plain ‘tarded friends and family who honestly entertain the idea of mccain-palin you gotta send them to this site … cuz dumasses always take older, white, women very seriously … they gets more credibility and all cuz they are old, white women … so it’s nice to hear some old, white, women keeping it very, very real. like one of the ladies said … the blog was so funny it made me want to throw myself to the floor and break a hip … LOL …

all jokes aside … this is a smart and witty blog. ok here’s another chance to get down with margaret & helen … they also wrote this blog: “what was i thinking when i called sarah palin a bitch”.   helen claims to be 86 years old.  i really hope she is.


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