here’s a tip for you

as some of you know i am a waitress (no, that’s not me in the pic). i am not writing this because i am biased but you may not believe that anyway. beyond being a waitress … i try to be a good person. when i go out to eat (and this was also BEFORE i became a waitress) i tip at least 20% – at least. even for fucked up service. now that i am a waitress i tip about 30% – even for fucked up service.

yes, i will tell you why: it’s the right thing to do.

do you notice that the cost of gas has gone up? noticed minimum wage (not that servers receive this – they get less) has gone up? airline tickets? even prices at target? health insurance? everything?

if the standard of living is rising then the living wage of a server (TIPS) must go up too.

never mind the fact that no matter how shitty your service was … your $3 tip or your $8 tip didn’t really cover the cost of the labor involved. and you can fall back on your logic that it was the servers choice to become a server and earn tips … or you can simply do the right thing.

and i aint saying i ever for one second regret being a waitress … i’ll take your $1 tip and i’ll take your $20 tip … i did make a choice and i am happy to serve you … it’s just that as i wait tables and interact with you (the public) i am appalled at your poor home training …

i know times are hard and it appears some of you are still going out to eat but tightening the TIP budget however, if you can’t afford to tip right when you eat out… stay home. eat cereal. but don’t go to a restaurant and have a $55 meal and leave an $8 tip. it’s tacky, tasteless, and stingy. if you really needed that other 2-3$ then STAY THE FUCK HOME 😉

i know many will not agree with this … people like to hoard their money even though they can’t take it with them when they die … i just had to let the world know that times are changing and 15% aint shit.

just consider this a public LOVE anouncement.


One Response to “here’s a tip for you”

  1. I am a chronic overtipper, even when service is not good…but I have to disagree that you SHOULD tip for bad service. Because restaurant owners are allowed to pay below minimum wage (which should be illegal), I think that tips should be mandatory. To the extent that they aren’t, waiters/waitresses should give the best service possible since they know that it is the customer’s choice whether to tip small, large or at all.

    That said, don’t you hate those people who believe a $2 tip is standard, no matter what. Or the people who go into a restaurant and start docking your tip from the start.

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