forward me an angel

i know we all hate junk mail, e-spam, retarded forwards … but sometimes forwards aint random and messages are not generic … i got the following in an e-mail … in the midst of a time when i am very disappointed in the behavior of some folks who i have to deal with on a constant basis … and i don’t want to judge them … cuz … i am not the judge … and i want to believe HIS word … he sounds so tough, the Lord does, when he says: trust me, changes will be made … so today, before i go to work i am going to pray on these words and take them into my heart and i will believe them. you can also whisper this to yourself if you dare: “I AM the one who loves and accepts people right where they are.” powerful.

the e-mail message
subject: spiritual reading
October 22, 2008. You have slipped back into some judgments of some around you. You didn’t mean to do it, but there are things you observed. For sure there is some wrong or questionable behavior. You have spoken up, but don’t linger there, or treat these with disdain. Don’t separate yourself or reject them in any way. I am reminding you of this because this is not like you. You are the one who loves and accepts people right where they are. I want you remembering I am the only One who can change people. Your task is to pray and thank Me for moving in their lives. Trust me changes will be made.


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