try to try

for the last two days i worked 24 hours total … two double shifts which were each 12 hours long … i came home thursday night and planned to blog … turned on the computer, logged in … but my brain was numb and incoherent … it kept saying the word bed over and over again … i was at work at 10:30 am and both nights i was home after midnight … i am not complaining i’m just letting you know what it is … it’s tiring šŸ™‚ my brain is still numb and this weekend is all about my daughter (who is writing her book as i write this) … and this means that my daughter comes before blogging … but this blog is a testimony to how i am trying … i am trying very hard to keep up my end of the relationship … i am trying to work and be a mom … i am trying to be disciplined in my art … i am trying to push past exhaustion … i am trying my best despite trials at work … i am trying despite low income and high demand (baby needs winter clothes, and we need a washer/dryer) … i am just trying cuz sometimes that’s all you can do. i’m taking things one day at a time right now … trying to keep pushing so that i can see the day when i have three hours to myself (i think it’s monday but …).


One Response to “try to try”

  1. I feel you sis!! I am so proud of you. I admire your courage to be true to yourself and the strength you have to be able to acknowledge how you are feeling right NOW. Sometimes we get so caught up in the moment or think about what we have to do for tomorrow, for this weekend, and even for the next couple of months. And I realize more and more how important it is to be in the NOW. To learn to accept how we feel at the moment and to just simply BE.

    Now, tell me about your beautiful daughter’s book. Like mother, like daughter. =) Sounds like she is a beautiful spirit/artist in the making.

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