love the life

[i was just telling my brother how i sincerely love being a waitress … i was so surprised at my own sincerity and the depth of my love for what i am doing right now i had to share.  in no particular order. ]

love the life by midnite

1.  it feels like honest work — i don’t really know what i mean when i say that but it’s something like this: it  … feels manual … but it’s more about the transactions of goods … it’s honest … i honestly work hard … i honestly do my best … and often (not always) when the customer reads your honesty they honestly want to reward you … no middlemen, no performance reports, no mid season evaluations, no limits, no bounds to all that honesty.

2. it ain’t called service for nothin — i truly feel that i am serving human beings … i put myself in their shoes and i say: “i wouldn’t eat off that spotty fork, i like clean wine glasses, i notice stains on tablecloths” and then i try to serve others as i would like to be served.  i also dedicate my service to God … there is something humble about bringing drinks to guests … and polishing that silverware – that one is truly powerful to me … it’s like time slows down and i feel deeply that what i am doing is out of love for the most high.

3. the hours — feels like my life is my own again

4. teaches patience & tolerance — now, this is a good thing cuz i am truly trying to learn these things.  if you don’t want to practice these things then you won’t interpret these as benefits.  i didn’t always believe in letting mean, rude, & petty people be themselves … i believed it was my right to check them and help them see the errors in their ways.  no more.  let them be, i now say.  and let me be more patient and tolerant for all people struggling through their own personality disorders ;).  i was semi-joking but i am serious about being patient and tolerant of all personalities and there is no better place to confront crazy rude ignorant diabolical stupid people than in a restaurant.

5. the food – being around food, getting little samples, learning about new foods … i LOVE all that shit.  mmm i love love love to eat and i love to learn about what i am eating.  no, i don’t cook!  i just eat!   and boy, am i good at it!  i am also learning about wine … what was i telling my brother again … oh yeah, i know mad grapes, son …

6. cash in my hand?

7. being present — uhh i have tendencies to drift off from the real world and descend into abstract babble that folks can’t understand … or silence … either way i have never been very grounded nor accepting of the fact that i have to inhabit the planet earth … but waitressing demands you be present and accounted for while on duty … you have to be sharp, you have to pay attention to detail, you have to read social situations, you have to be focused, you have to remember lots of dumass shit … you can’t daydream (a hobby i excel at), you can’t stare off in space (a habit i picked up), you can’t slow down (i’m slow motion all day) … but i like it … the feeling of being present feels like i am truly alive and in my life every moment.  p.s. it’s also true that you must be in the moment and once it’s gone you can’t get it back, like reality tv, or live recordings, if you make a mistake you have to move on cuz you can’t get that moment back … you can’t unspill the water, you can’t erase a guest’s memories … you can let it go and learn.

8.  new people — you never know who you are gonna meet … there’s magic in that! 

9.  3 plates in two hands — i’m tryna learn that.

10. i like my GM (general manager) — what a nice dude.  that’s a blessing!!!


2 Responses to “love the life”

  1. you make waitressing sound ready for reality tv — in a good way, though.
    it may be all good for you cause you are choosing to do it, it fits with the artistic journey you’re on. i’m not so sure it would be that great if you had to do it because it was the only job you could do. in any case, i feel your sincerity.

  2. one of my favorite Midnite songs….keep on inspiring…..

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