what betsy thinks

a blog caught my eye with it’s title: ‘Down the Drain? Beware of Obama’s Plan to ‘Spread the Wealth Around’ … and i thought to myself:  i can tell that whoever wrote this thinks that spreading wealth is a bad thing … how do they justify that?  then i went to read it …


it’s people like betsy newman (who wrote the blog) who make me worried about the human race.  cuz i am sure betsy is a perfectly ‘decent’ human being … i guess … i mean she probably has a family, a mom, people she loves who love her back … it says she is a government teacher … DAMN … i do worry about the kids she is teaching … but i’ll just have to pray for them …

betsy does indeed think it’s bad to spread wealth evenly.  she is AFRAID.  this tells me that she has little faith.  cuz if she had faith … she’d uh have FAITH and she wouldn’t be scared to give a few dollars to those in need … and i bet betsy is as bible thumping as they come … BET.

another underlying assumption betsy makes is that she assumes that poor people are lazy … always this rhetoric about people who WORK giving money to people who don’t work as hard … the greatest myth of the GOP is that poor people don’t work hard …

i left a comment for betsy.  i told her she sounded greedy.  cuz what’s the opposite of giving?  oh, greed.  i also told her that i think Jesus would vote to spread the wealth … cuz of course jesus had more faith than all of us … jesus would ask us to give up our last loaf of bread for a hungry person … he wouldn’t ask us to interrogate the hungry person and find out why they couldn’t afford food for themselves, when they last worked, what their drug history is, and so on … and then of course, jesus would bless the giver with a cupboard full of more bread then they ever thought possible …


i don’t have a lot of money myself personally.  betsy probly makes more than me.  but i still give.  cuz i have faith.  and i know many poor people.  betsy probly doesn’t.  not if she assumes we don’t work hard … so i am trying to love betsy too and forgive her for being greedy.

nobody ever said love was EASY.  they only said it was the ANSWER.

part of me is dying to say: “FUCK BETSY”  …  but i won’t really say that … i’m just very human on the inside … like betsy i guess.


3 Responses to “what betsy thinks”

  1. preservetherepublic Says:

    Here is my problem with this. I have been below the poverty line before. I started a business and will soon be over the $250k mark. I think it is unfair to be penalized for my success. I didn’t have any government handouts to help me. Life is what you make of it. Now, I don’t mind giving to others. I love to give to others. However, I want to decide who I give to. I don’t believe that it is the governments place to make that decision for me by taxing me to death.
    Also, my business is creating jobs. I won”t be able to hire more people as fast if my taxes are raised. Many businesses will have to cut jobs because of tax increases.
    You are right that poverty isn’t a choice. Most of us who are there or who have been there were born in poverty. However, you can choose to get ot of it. It isn’t easy, but it can be done. God bless you. I hope you understand why some of us oppose Obama. We are not trying to be greedy, but we do want control of our own destiny.

  2. loveinotherplaces Says:

    dear preservetherepublic,

    thanks for your comment! i understand how you feel and it’s funny i saw your comment cuz i came on here to ammend my statement … you are correct to say that people have the choice to leave poverty especially once they are adults. i changed the blog to read: the greatest myth is that poor people don’t work hard. i think there are poor people who have choices and they might not make financially successful ones but they still often work hard … that’s really what i was trying to say.

    in response to the fact that you give and that you want to choose whom to give to … i think that my point about Jesus was that he would give to anyone regardless of how hard we as humans judge their work or level of hardness of work … you are entitled to do what you like with your money and give to whom you choose .. i guess i am calling up people to transcend that and to give to others simply because they are human … i know it’s hard … it’s a lot like unconditional love …

    i am thankful for this exchange of ideas! this is why i write this blog. i love you and god bless YOU!

    –love in other places

  3. preservetherepublic Says:

    Another thing to keep in mind is that there are many people out there who don’t work hard. They abuse the system on the bottom end just like the CEOs on Wall Street abused things on the higher end. I use to work in a convenience store and I had people come in all the time asking me to sign a piece of paper that said they applied for a job there even though they didn’t want a job. They were just trying to keep their unemployment going. I also saw white and black people (both who I knew were on welfare – by the way there are more white people on welfare than black) come in with their kids in ragged clothes and buy $100 worth of lottery tickets. This is why redistribution of wealth doesn’t work. Most people who win millions in the lottery end up broke again. On the other side, most rich people who lose their fortunes regain them. This is because they know how to create wealth. Our problem is that people lack financial education. Obama wants to give people a fish instead of teaching them how to fish. Anyway, I am glad we can exchange opposing ideas without being hateful. I wish our leaders (Democrats and Republicans) could do the same.

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