how to love a racist near you

in continuation of yesterday’s theme of racism … in america … and in case you don’t believe me here’s a link to more irrational racism in the blogosphere:

how do i love racists? i don’t … yet … but i’m trying … let’s try to engage with their racist logic hmmm …

here’s a quote from the husaria blog:
“The truth is that we do have the right to invade their countries, kill or depose their leaders, and, through persuasion and reason as opposed to coercion, convert them to Christianity.The governments of places like Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, North Korea, and pre-2003 Iraq rest entirely on foundations of sand, and they have no legitimate rights or authority in the community of nations. They are no more “governments” than organized crime families or bandits who, with the aid of some guns and hired muscle, make themselves de facto masters of pieces of territory” [does the author realize that all nations are formed like this … would the author then say that no nations really exist … this is what i believe but i doubt husaria would agree … they somehow think the ‘first world’ wasn’t formed by small groups of (propertied) families who ultimately declared nationhood based on who had the biggest gun.]

here’s more kooky-politico-mumbo ridiculousness:
“The essential legitimacy of any government rests on what China calls the Mandate of Heaven (tien ming): “The right to rule is based on the virtue of the ruler.” [Let me interject here right quick … WHO says this is the legitimacy of any government … do husaria authors determine legitimacy for the WORLD … what are these fools talking about? are they saying this is accepted academic thought? … or this is something the world wide web took a vote on? … maybe they posted a survey on their blog? … cuz i musta missed this news flash … the essential legitimacy of any government is not a one phrase answer … there is no universal legitimacy test … and the husaria blog surely did not create the test, administer the test, nor collect the fucking tests … this reminds me of hillary clinton saying barack failed the presidential test or whatever cute word they used for it … did hillary write this blog? … … if the right to rule depended on virtue we’d have a right to depose g.w. bush but instead those of us who want to depose bush are called unpatriotic … you see, husaria, how murky it gets when you tell other people what a legitimate government is and THEN you use subjective words like VIRTUE … virtuosity is not agreed upon by all … some people actually think g.w. bush has virtue (they claim to at least) and i don’t … sooooo husaria, if the people of a country disagree … what the fuck do we do then?]

moving on, they also had to say this:
A virtuous ruler holds his or her country in trust for the people, a concept that is reinforced by the Indo-European root dher (”to hold”). This root appears in Dharma (the Right Way), and titles like jemadar and subadar. The context of “to hold” is responsibility and stewardship as opposed to ownership. When the ruler violates this trust by exploiting and oppressing his subjects, they have an inherent and natural right to overthrow and replace the dysfunctional ruler. [can i just say that if someone tried to do this in the U.S. i think the husaria blog writers would lose thier minds. and do they know if there is a department in city hall where i can file against g.w. bush for violating my trust??   will they send my armed comrades to my home to start organizing the revolution?  these MFs must do meph … cuz wait till you read what they wrote next!]

“It is reasonable to extend this right to external powers, with the stipulation that their actions serve the people of the country whose dysfunctional ruler they overthrow.” [uhhh LOL i know some people really think like this … but damn it is just so absurd. WHO DETERMINES if the actions of this external power are serving the people of the host country? WHO HUSARIA? WHO? oh – it must be you. the blog writers with the legitimizing authority. retards.]

they had more to say:

“The principle that the leader is the people’s servant is universal in civilized nations.”  [i think the husaria authors just used the two words that have caused the most conflict in the history of man and woman: universal and civilized.  sigh.  these folks actually believe there are UNCIVILIZED humans.  and that john locke’s ‘social contract’ theory is UNIVERSAL.  that’s like me saying go-go boots are universal.  exactly. ]

ok i’m done with those husaria racists … i hope people boycott their blog and they never get any more hits.  they opened the whole blog with ‘the right to kill’ … i struggled with whether to even post this … but i think it’s better if we all understand what our fellow humans are capable of and how desperately some people need a lot of love.


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