counting the reasons

why i love bam bam … cuz of stories like the one below … i don’t know that nigra from hole in the wall but in general i like people who call others out in a teasing manner … it means he is not afraid of human to human contact … he is not afraid to go off script … unless this was scripted but i doubt it. got this story from a political blog at

August 21, 2008, 8:08 pm
What Would Miss Manners Say?
By Katharine Q. Seelye
CHESAPEAKE, Va. — Cell phone etiquette may have sunk to a new low.
A man attending a town hall meeting here with Senator Barack Obama was yakking on his phone while Mr. Obama was speaking Thursday. Mr. Obama noticed him and called him out on it, so to speak.
“Now, this gentleman is on the phone,” a slightly amazed Mr. Obama told the crowd of a couple of thousand people seated attentively before him in a school gym. He had been talking about the economy but stopped. Gesturing to the man, Mr. Obama told him: “Get off the phone.”

The man said something inaudible, and Mr. Obama, who assumed the man was talking to his wife, replied: “Now you’ll really have something to tell her when you call her back.” Pause. “Oh, he says it wasn’t his wife,” Mr. Obama said, eliciting a big groan from the audience.
“That’s worse,” Mr. Obama said. “I hope your wife wasn’t watching on TV when you just said that.”
The candidate said he was just teasing and then carried on with his discussion.


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