kiss the mirror

(written on 11/27/07)

yeah yeah love yourself. but what happens in those moments (could be twilight or it could be dawn) when you want a hug from another human being who is not related to you. i was going through it yesterday.

i wanted physical contact with a non-relative! it was not sexual. i just be wanting a hug. a snuggle. a spoon. a rub. a squeeze. a kiss on the throat. doesn’t even have to be the lips! no tongue! dry, soft, warm pressure on my skin is just fine.

but nowhere.

i am the only one here. i look in the mirror. i cry a little. i talk to myself. i start to hug myself. i pray. i ask God for the answers. i talk to my daughter and i kiss her cheeks.

i look in the mirror again. i just struggle through it. i write in my diary. i count my blessings that i DO have … i take a hot shower and lather myself with love.

i struggle through it.

i look in the mirror one last time. and i kiss me. square on the lips.

somebody had to do it!


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  1. I love this blog entry!

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