in transition: operation save my life

i have not been able to blog because i am in the process of moving.

i left my job, hometown, and old stomping grounds behind last friday and set off in a u-haul for atlanta, georgia.

i live in the A now!

but i am starting a new gig, unpacking, buying STUFF, setting up the internet and cable … cleaning, organizing, building … you get the idea.

all to say — I’M BUSY in REAL LIFE.

cyberspace has to wait one second.

i’ll be blogging regularly very shortly and the blogs will be full of the details about this move … which i call OPERATION SAVE MY LIFE.

i am so happy … all this change … all this saving of my life … will allow me more time to blog (eventually ;).

i love saving myself!


2 Responses to “in transition: operation save my life”

  1. Heeey!

    Save on, sister!!!

    I know you are doing the right thing for you and your fam! New experiences breed new ways to manage these experiences…you can ONLY get stronger from that! You’re already strong…Hell, you’re from Brooklyn, son! You can do all things through Christ that strengthens you! Keep up the good work. Let’s stay in touch, forrealz!!!


  2. sdg1844 Says:

    I moved from my hometown of NYC 5 years ago and headed to SF for the same reason. It was more about family than the city itself. No regrets on that score.

    Good for you!

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