in memory of mya

for all little black girls lost. i post this.

for those taken and those still missing. cuz it’s summer and block parties are on every other block. this young girl, 9 years old, was kidnapped from a block party, raped, murdered and dumped in an alley in chicago.

for those whose lives are stolen but who go unnoticed by the media and larger society. for invisible boys and girls who get bloodied in the streets and their names never make it to the paper. for those who arent “important” enough to make the evening news.

ghetto crimes aint news … another nigga gets shot in a drug deal gone wrong, another small child gets caught in some crossfire and their names are never uttered by the public. there is never a moment of silence or acknowledgement that they LIVED. that they were HUMAN BEINGS. instead, mainstream america wonders how anna nicole smith died.

this one’s for mya. you can read the full story yourself and you should … not cuz you want to feel bad or have a guilt trip but because of what her daddy says about her. they had just taken a road trip and mya was in LOVE with LIFE. god bless her and the fam.


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