it wasn’t that i didn’t believe in God.

i just thought he didn’t believe in me.

this was around 2001-2004.

so, i don’t want you to think i have been a pious, prayerful somebody all my life.

God saved my life and i’m not going into the details in this particular blog but that’s what i consider the truth.

i think happiness and love are hard to achieve without some kind of faith … i don’t care if you call it God, yahweh, muhammed, or the wind … but faith that our existence is meaningful, that there is an energy force greater than ourselves, that there is a positive direction to the universe …

i used to think not … so … much. i doubted that ‘things’ would work out either for me or for others who were suffering.

that doubt left a little crack in the wall which left me vulnerable to dark and negative thoughts. doubt drove me to fear. and fear kept me miserable. and you know … misery loves company. then before long all you can see is misery all around you in the faces of others you have made miserable.

i encourage you to examine your faith. do you have any? if no – what is standing there in its place?

again – no prosletyzing here, no conversion tactics … believe in the wind, believe in good people and good wine, believe in your own powers and capabilities, believe in the god in you, believe in love.

just please have faith … in something GOOD because it will carry you through all your days and it will be the pre-dawning of your future love and happiness.


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