not one cent

well … since the iraqi war … the value of the dollar has dropped … oil prices have risen … federal monies have dried up … social services have shriveled … college loans are near impossible to get approved for … homes are being foreclosed on … and the war is still raging … nothing is won … almost all is lost.

and i read this article today … and i wanna say ‘i told yall so’ but it just leaves a foul taste in my mouth … bitter coffee dregs … where’s the satisfaction in being right about iraq … i knew that g.w. would blow all our tax money paying off his contracting buddies (the biggest one being haliburton) … and paying iraqi officials who could care less about iraqi people and care more about licking g.w.’s toe jam … i knew that an unstable region would misplace billions of our hard earned american dollars … but knowing didn’t save nobody a cent.

damn. sometimes i hate to be right.

so, now what? ………………… not next time? never again?

are there people out there …


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