as all get out 

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First love announcement is there are still movie theaters that sell tickets on the cheap. Went with my homegirl to see get out … ironically she (a Black woman) is engaged to marry a white man in 3 months …. we laughed so hard. It’s my firm belief that satire and parody are some of the most effective ways to address racism. 

I love love love love this movie. I love black people. I loved the performances of the main character and the Black woman in this photo. That sister acted her face off. Like literally her face … It was brilliant, Jordan Peele. I was glad to be alive just to witness this. Get out, get your love. 


from ashy to ______

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This whole season from mid February to mid April is love to me. I often think in lists. 

  • Black history – half is better than none at all
  • Carnival – who don’t like carnival? Ok some don’t but … who are they again?
  • LENT – the chance to get closer to God, to change on the inside. to reflect on the flesh vs. the spirit. I ain’t telling you what I’m giving up. I am also adding something. That’s between me and God this year. In years past I have blogged about it but all you need to know is it’s something I will struggle to leave alone. I love this time to sacrifice and cleanse. I even was blessed to do ash this year. What I heard in my meditation this morning is this: the call of the flesh is always temporary. For my life, this means that if I wait it out, my flesh will calm down, become distracted by something else, and lose intensity. The problem is that the flesh pulls so strongly I don’t feel it will ever subside so I answer the call without even trying to wait it out. The flesh does not always need to be resisted … but lent is a time to explore whether your flesh controls you or if you can master it.  It is a time to go without an earthly thing in order to see how God will fill you with an invisible thing. It is to wander in a wilderness. For 40 days and 40 nights. 
  • St. Patrick’s Day – uh why not, another chance to celebrate white immigrants with whiskey 
  • Madness – the way I love college basketball is disgusting 
  • The resurrection – some call it Easter, but whatever you call it … I love it  

I just want to say thank you to Jesus for being the original lover of all things and the first on earth to see love in all places. 

the season of no delay

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Been reading this daily book of praise that I got at church. Finished a book of 31 days of prayer which I also loved.  But I can feel the praise taking my spiritual journey to the next level. The part I highlighted in pen was love for me today. Recently been struggling with frustration, impatience, and anger with God for certain trials that I’ve been facing for years. I literally felt all my old impurities stirring within me yesterday. I could have ended up in jail … But this is my season of no delay. I’m getting the hell out of my own way. I want to mature in the spirit and draw all my blessings to my front door. Therefore, I am trying my best not to complain, not even in my head. And when things don’t go my way … I am simply trying to say, thank you. Daily, I’m working to put my pissiness aside and to submit to his plan and his way. Shit is hard. But I’m learning to turn my pain into spiritual power. And I’ve been so hardheaded all my life that I know in my bones I’ve been delaying my own spiritual maturity which in turn delays my miracles. That through my own actions I’ve been sent the same trials multiple times. It’s time for me now to embrace my trials and put all my fear and all my hurt in God’s hands. In this season, I am working on letting God be God. All I really want is .. what God wants for me. And I can’t wait to put my hands on his ass. Whoever and whenever that is. 

you’re within/i’m without

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lianne lahavas sang that in a song. 

now, get out

if i had the coins, i’d go see it this weekend. feeling strong love vibes from that movie.  the trailer alone is enough. you can date who you want but … lmao. 

i like the main actor – daniel kaluuya – but i didn’t like black mirror. my ma made me watch an episode this summer cuz of course it’s her favorite … it is not like twilight zone the show, it IS the twilight zone. i remain confused by what i saw. and it was so boring and formless i was damn near offended. i also hated sicario but the brother’s acting was solid. 

not to be confused with truffle butter 

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Finally tried this … I don’t even really like truffles but the foodie in me had to know. And yes, it was good. I’ll never eat it again cuz I don’t like truffle flavor that much but for those of you with different palates than mine, have at it. Truffles are still one of the most expensive food items on the global market. Best thing I ever had that had anything to do with this fungi was an aged steak in a Boston restaurant – they said chef had rubbed it in truffle oil before cooking it. Best steak ever. Didn’t taste a drop of truffle. Either way, it’s love. When there’s no one to trace your spine with their finger or to press your lips on, sink your teeth into something else. And if there is a someone, enhance your love with good food. 


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had another great valentines by the way.  let’s see, the 14th year in a row that i’m alone on the 14th.  no biggie. had to turn niggas down cuz i don’t want them. i’d rather be alone.  even though i’m really tired of it and it’s been a long time. but … as Image result for snowden filmcompared to what?  14 years is nothing to God.  and a valentine is nothing compared to my health, my home, my daughter, my feet, my right mind.  the love of jesus really held me this year … i felt the presence of his all-consuming, unconditional love.  his love never hurts.  his love never fails.  his love never hesitates.  his love never wavers. his love never judges. his love img_4243never changes.  his love always forgives.  this year i got me some white tulips and chocolate cupcakes with pink frosting and watched a movie with me. the point of this post is not my aloneness … but snowden.  it was a great movie.  i been fucking with joseph gordon-levitt. there was love.  and i cling to that love.  the love of a higher purpose.  the love in God calling you to do something greater than yourself.  the love of other humans more than yourself.  the love of doing the right thing when it goes against everything you were ever taught.  the courage it takes to love.  as i sat on my couch etched with trees, i felt God loving me through the story of snowden. God knows how i like to have my mind stimulated and my heart inspired by the human spirit.

i hope you find love. all of it.

they don’t want us to successfully talk about it

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my new favorite TV show is taboo on FX.  it loves on me. cuz here’s why:mv5bmtyyntqwnzk0ov5bml5banbnxkftztgwmdaymdi2mdi-_v1_ux182_cr00182268_al_

  1. tom hardy, tom hardy, and tom hardy are the most amazing actors
  2. i love old white british stories about imperialism, the slave trades, the solidification of capitalism in europe, and the rise of the new world order
  3. it’s indirectly (it hopes and tries to be) about the liberation of black & indigenous people even though there have been scenes that fetishize the black body and demonize african spirituality
  4. tom hardy has some black in him – bet
  5. the supernatural is in there
  6. it’s twisted – he in love with his sister, he in hate with his son, i would marry him and try to heal him and probably end up dead
  7. it’s violent
  8. extremely well written
  9. it’s an ugly, gritty, dirty and raw version of british history that they don’t like to explore aka it’s honest
  10. sankofa … it’s pan-african …


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